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Code Geass Season 3 What to expect?

Meta description Code Geass season 3 will be on Netflix. The writer of code Geass stayed on for this new series. They have promised that...

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Hina Matsuri Season 2 has officially begun, but with Tomoko gone, what’s next?

Meta description In the first season of Hinamatsuri, we were introduced to a world where girls could dress up. And also as their favorite anime...


An Eccentric Guide to TellALDI

Introduction TellALDI is a grocery business with over 10,000 locations in twenty countries. They created the TellALDI Customer Feedback Survey on its webpage to gather...

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Living in a Dark Anime World: Streaming Nightmares

Meta description The world of Darkanime is one that many people are not aware of. darkanime streaming is a subculture where people live stream their...

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