Blue Exorcist Season 3: Everything We Need To Know

Dark fantasy and secrets are the ideal genres for people with a dark spirit. ‘Blue Exorcist Season 3,’ officially called Ao no Exorcist throughout Japanese, is an intriguing gothic horror animation television show centered on the same-named manga story. Kazue Katou authored and drew the manga series, which releases on April 4, 2009. This dark magic series became a popular favorite in Japan; therefore, A-1 Pictures chose it to turn into an animated television show.

The reality that ‘Blue Exorcist’ utilizes the original material to create an animated series without straying even from the inventive content adds to the organic nature of the show. The first series of Blue Exorcist premiered on April 17, 2011, as well as it won’t take much for it to gain popularity among both followers and potential viewers. Following the publication of the first season, a handful of different series and anime films also produces between 2011 and 2012. After a few years, the series’s second season was confirmed, and it debuted on January 7, 2017. But now, supporters need to learn whenever the third part will be released. Therefore here’s what we understand so far.

When Can We Expect the Blue Exorcist Season 3?

The second season of ‘Blue Exorcist,’ dubbed Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, premiered on January 7, 2017, and ran through March 25, 2017. Following the launch of Season 2, two OVA (Original Video Animation) series publishes on April 4, 2017, and October 4, 2017, with the title Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga OVA. Sadly, no information regarding the Blue Exorcist season 3 will release. However, we may expect the Blue Exorcist season 3 to continue where the second season finished. There’s no time restriction. Thus we could anticipate an official for the third installment to be made at any point this year.

So we may expect the third launch date for season 3 to be around January 2023. However, assuming the past two seasons’ schedules followed, Blue Exorcist Season 3 may air during April 2022. It’s uncertain how the present COVID-19 issue will impact the next season’s launch. Yet, fans of the Blue Exorcist season 3 manga are in for a treat since it just revealed that it would be on an 8-month sabbatical. The lengthy hiatus enables mangaka Kazue Kato to transform Fuyumi Ono’s book Eizen Karukaya Kaiitan into a manga.

Season 1: What Happened?

The anime portrayed the concept of Assiah, where people utilized to dwell, and Gehenna, where devils resided, in the first season of The Blue Exorcist. Interaction between such two realms seemed to be prohibited. But, Lucifer, the king of Gehenna, brought his son Rin Okumura further into the human world, Assiah, believing Rin would be his carrier. However, when our hero Rin Okumura, who was adopted by Father Shiro Fujimoto, discovered he was Satan’s son, he didn’t appear to enjoy it.

Rin felt enraged after Season 1 once Shiro sacrificed to protect him. He decided to become an evil spirit to fight his so-called dad Lucifer and protect Assiah.

Season 2: What Happened?

The revelation that Rin was the child of Satan Rin caused confusion between Shura, Yukio, Rin’s youngest son, as well as the Well in Blue Exorcist Season 2. Rin then attempted to regain the “Left Eye of the Impure Ruler” and began practicing to master his abilities. Eventually, a spy snatched “The Impure Ruler’s Right Eye.” Rin continued attempting to seize the demon blade. After the second season, the impure ruler, with his unstoppable growth exposed, and Rin tried to destroy him with the sword.

Is There A Sufficient Quantity Of Primary Material Available For Blue Exorcist Season 3?

The comic series is as well-known as the animated series. This ten-year-old anime series has been followed and adored by fans for 25 volumes. The animation version of Blue Exorcist ended among the few who stayed faithful to the source material. Indeed, many believe that the animation does honor the Blue Exorcist comic series.

In terms of material, Blue Exorcist season 2 employs up to 34 volumes (about nine editions) for 12 chapters. The great news is that the comic series had 25 released books, implying that there will be more than plenty of material for Blue Exorcist season 3. In reality, the creators may create additional seasons based on the existing material. Bear this in view; we may predict that the next season would pick off where volume 9 left off.

What The Blue Exorcist Season 3 Will Be About?

While discussing a continuation, we realize there’s enough content for the Blue Exorcist season 3 only. It required an extended period for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga to collect sufficient parts to build the ideal of the second season. Whereas if the series follows the manga, the Blue Exorcist season 3 would see Rin and his companions are contending with the Illuminati, an organization headed by Satan, the Lord of Light. Their primary goal is to revive Satan and wreak havoc on the earth with devils and undead. Others who have studied the manga will be familiar with that Sabutota Todou is a part of this group.

The Gehenna Gate, a gateway between the two realms, would also be created in Blue Exorcist Season 3. The Illuminati built the entrance on the grounds of the Old Russian nuclear power facility. However, they were unable to compel the engine to operate. The Exorcists have been the last ones who could stop the gateway from opening. They, unfortunately, failed. As per the devils, Assiah and Gehenna used to live in the same realm. As a result, the Illuminati would once again merge the two kingdoms into a single complete globe. To achieve this, they would have to conduct a variety of tests. And just Rin and his identical brother are capable of putting an end to the annoyance.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Not Revealed Yet

Given the advantages of the manga and animation series, the Blue Exorcist season 3 has not been announced. It’s very unusual for popular anime programs to take breaks among seasons, leaving viewers in the shadows regarding if or not they’ll return. Followers had an excruciating, years-long journey for Blue Exorcist season 2. Therefore although the program is likely to return, it may require years to use it.

Patience is vital. However, it’s undoubtedly a characteristic shared by Blue Exorcist enthusiasts. There was a gap among Blue Exorcist seasons 1 and 2. During season 1, supporters had to wait five years for “Kyoto Saga” in 2017. Like Screen Rant points out, the gap separating the first two seasons is because there is a glimmer of a chance for a third season. Blue Exorcist’s following animation episode, due in 2022 and perhaps even 2023, doesn’t seem out of character for the show.

Another argument a season 3 may be on the way is the manga’s popularity. According to Crunchyroll, the manga has sold over 15 million copies by 2016. But also, as stated in this Animation News Network story, whenever the Blue Exorcist television show exposed, it substantially increased manga and book sales. The following season may provide a similar increase in popularity as the manga that is currently in production.

What Does the Manga’s Writer Want to Tell About Season 3?

Kazue Kato, the manga’s creator, publishes parts monthly while taking at least one month’s vacation each year. “I want one month vacation each year. However, in Japan, serializations are expected to run constantly without pauses. Therefore they don’t handle it nicely. Sorry for leaving! “In a July 2016 conversation, she said, “I’m featured in a monthly journal and struggle to fix the problem, although I have a great deal of respect for writers that manually configure every week. They sometimes jeopardize their well-being and their personal life to do so. It’s a profession for a select handful who possess the ability and physical and mental courage to accomplish it. I’m most certainly not among them.”

Kato also mentioned, or should I call, teased at, the manga’s conclusion, and stated that “There could be four additional arcs,” implying that “roughly 50 percent of the whole narrative loop had been finished.” We’ve discussed the conclusion many occasions, numerous times, “She elaborated. “There are a few potential designs for the finale right now because we’re hopeful one of them will settle soon. When it comes to such behaviors, it’s maybe as simple as, ‘Oh, it’s not working.’ As a result, it removes.” When she releases 11 chapters each year, the book will complete in 2023. As a result, we understand for sure that a third installment will be released shortly.

The Blue Exorcist’s Storyline

Rin Okumura’s stories put an intriguing spin on the paranormal high school type, as a blade-swinging exorcist wrestles with his fate as Devil’s son. Rin, with his identical brother Yukio, educated by their adoptive exorcist father, the battle over the evil powers of the monster realm to destroy Satan.

It’s no surprise that Blue Exorcist supporters are begging for Season 3 – the plot is rich with fascinating history, unique magic, and endearing characters. Whereas many viewers walked away following Season 1’s train wreck conclusion, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga restored the anime’s grandeur by restoring this to its manga origins. Season 2 completely disregarded a few of Season 1 episodes, which wasted personality development and haphazardly ruined the narrative in its hurried wrap-up effort.

Although fans are pleased for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, this only received 12 episodes, compared to Season 1’s 25. The truncated Season 2 was disappointing, particularly since it puzzled many viewers who were still caught up on Season 1 and departing the actors with no closure. However, the animation is still to extend beyond Season 2. The manga continues to keep the flame alive. Following the incidents of the Kyoto storyline, more than 15 volumes of material publish.

Season 3 of The Blue Exorcist: When Will It Be Released?

Blue Exorcist Season 1 premiered in April of 2011. Season 2 premiered in January 2017 after a lengthy hiatus, and fans flocked to the program. This has been a while since the show’s producers have talked regarding Season 3. Yet, the show’s producers have not discontinued and restored it. As a result, Season 3 will be available soon. We believe that the program must revive for a variety of reasons. The series may repeat in 2022, although we do not confirm this. One crucial factor for this is the abundance of the source for Season 3.

Season 2 and Season 1 are yet to accept the manga’s remaining 25 volumes. As a result, even those who aren’t big readers need to understand what comes to the narrative. Furthermore, given the length of effort the producers required to disclose Season 2 material and then broadcast it, we may anticipate a similar with Season 3. The Netflix series’ addition offers fans and supporters optimism that the next season will be published shortly.

The cast of Blue Exorcist Season 3

As A-1 Pictures animated the first two series of ‘Blue Exorcist,’ we may anticipate the studio’s arrival with season 3. Additional cast and crew returning for the next season include Jun Fukuyama as Yukio, Gou Shinomiya as Masato Chigusa, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rin, Nishimura Maya as Ao Houjou, and Hiroaki Hirata as Shirou, besides many more.

Final Thoughts

Season 2 of Blue Exorcist required about six years to complete. Given that, we may expect the producers to put in considerable effort and time to create Season 3. We do not possess any accurate info on the programs’ premiere dates or renewals. Many people anticipate the program to return in 2022 after the COVID issue resolve. So stay tuned for future developments. The series Blue Exorcist reminds us that our history does not determine us. You are the person you want to be. Since the son of Lucifer, Rin Okumura chose to oppose him and protect the humanity of Assiah as an evil spirit rather than obey him.

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