Hina Matsuri Season 2 has officially begun, but with Tomoko gone, what’s next?

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In the first season of Hinamatsuri, we were introduced to a world where girls could dress up. And also as their favorite anime characters and be treated like princesses. It was a magical experience for all involved. What is going to happen in this Hinamatsuri season 2 without Tomoko? Is it even worth watching anymore?

First of all, Hinamatsuri season, two is still worth watching if you are a fan. This second season will have the same great animation quality as the first one. But it’s very different from what we saw before. Instead of being shown through Tomoko’s eyes, this new series follows Hitomi who was introduced last season. It seems that she has to take on some sort of leadership role. Also, deal with many challenges throughout these episodes which is interesting. Because there were no other characters like her involved in Hinamatsuri Season One.

The story itself has been described as “less breezy” than its predecessor, according to Kotaku. To me it feels more dramatic and less fun; I feel like the first season of Hinamatsuri was more about the girls finding moments to have fun and be themselves, whereas Hinamatsuri Season two is all about being serious. This could just be because Hitomi isn’t as much of a free spirit as Tomoko but that makes me think that some new characters on the horizon might even outshine our beloved Mafuyu.

Hina matsuri is a favorite character Why?

Hina matsuri will also feature different opening music this time around so if you were a fan of last year’s epic theme song, you may want to brace yourself for something completely different! However, it does seem like they still kept in mind how important music can be when watching an anime series; I liked looking at each scene with lip sync in mind – it’s like watching a live-action movie!

Last but not least, you might be wondering if Hinamatsuri is worth continuing to watch now that Tomoko has left. I say yes for three reasons: firstly the animation quality is still amazing; secondly, Hitomi seems very interesting and different than last season so she makes up for Tomoko’s absence; finally, this anime series feels more dramatic which could make things even better because instead of having comedic relief, we can focus on truly understanding what these characters are going through. Hopefully Hinamatsuri season 2 will be as good as its predecessor or perhaps even better!

 Hinamatsuri Season 2

Season two of Hinamatsuri is upon us, and it’s time to look back on the first season. After all, we’ve had a whole year to let those laughs settle in our stomachs and study up for this round! This article will break down what makes the show so great as well as give some insight into where things may go from here. Keep reading if you’re ready for season two predictions!

As always, spoiler warnings are ahead! If you haven’t watched the show yet or read last week’s article then I suggest heading there before continuing with this one. Even if that means just skimming through it really quick since everything written below can be found there too. Allow me to catch you up real quick though.

Her name is Hina, and she’s as tough as they come. As the story progresses we follow these two on their daily adventures filled with all sorts of hijinks including many references to anime and manga tropes that you might recognize! Season one ended with them moving into an apartment together to keep making money off of Hina through her fighting abilities while attending school like any normal kid would (albeit under some special circumstances). The final episode wrapped up things nicely although there was no real climax since it wasn’t really building towards anything huge… until now anyway! This means season two can go in any direction which makes it exciting.

Spoilers Hinamatsuri season 2

This is a long one so feel free to skim through some parts if you’re trying to avoid spoilers! I’ll start by breaking down the ending of season one and what we know about season two before moving on with my predictions for where things will go from here. This way those who haven’t seen the show but are interested can at least get an idea of how good they might be able to expect this anime adaptation to be 😀 If that wasn’t clear, just keep reading below 🙂

What Happened: The final episode was pretty lighthearted as per usual and didn’t really lead into anything ground-breaking or climactic. Despite Hina’s life being under threat throughout most of it, it was a pretty fun episode. The first half focused on Nitta and Hina’s daily lives as they settled into their new apartment together which left room for some good comedy bits throughout! It also allowed us to see how the characters have changed since we last saw them, but not so much that it felt out of place or too sudden if you haven’t been following along every week.

The second half then turned towards where things will go from here with several pivotal scenes between all our major cast members taking place to set up Hinamatsuri season 2. This is what I’ll be getting at during most of this article even though plenty other important events were going on within these final few minutes! For example, Yoshifumi visited his old teacher and learned a little bit about his past which could lead to some development or even an entire episode later on. It wouldn’t be much fun if nothing ever happened after all…

As for what I’m anticipating from Hinamatsuri season two?

Well, there are lots of possibilities here, but one thing is certain: Yoshifumi will have more work cut out for him now that he doesn’t have Tomoko watching over everything anymore! She died towards the end of last week’s episode from a disease that she had been suffering from for some time. It was certainly sad to see her go as the show has done an excellent job of making us care about all of these characters, but it also opens up a lot more opportunities!

Yoshifumi will now have Hina and Hitomi by himself which means he’ll need to find a new housekeeper at least! I’m not sure if we’re going to get something similar to what happened with Tomoko where everyone who worked on his mansion disappeared one day (like those two maids), or maybe someone brands new? Either way this could make for some great character development since Yoshifumi is such an interesting protagonist in my eyes. He’s always trying so hard even though he fails most of the time which makes him an excellent underdog!

Hina’s dad will also be returning since his backstory was never really explored. He didn’t show up to see Hina off after she left home. But there are some things I’d like to know about him and why he chose not to go with her. It could even lead to some interesting plot points later on if they delve deeper into Hinamatsuri season two so let’s hope for that! What can we expect from Hinamatsuri Season Two? We have no idea what is going to happen in Hinamatsuri season two. Where it might go, but this series has been great so far so there is a good chance that it won’t disappoint!

Tomoko’s Death

Depending on the circumstances surrounding Tomoko’s death, there might be some darker themes and more serious events that occur. Will Hinamatsuri Season Two Be Good? Of course, it will be good if season one was anything to go by. Because I loved every minute of it! Hina is such an adorable protagonist which makes her easily likable. While Yoshifumi is funny in his way as well. Their relationship with each other feels natural even though they’re both very different from one another so these kinds of interactions are always great to watch. It doesn’t hurt that the rest of the cast is filled with some wonderful characters either!

I’m very excited about what might come next and can’t wait until we learn more news about this second season! What To Expect From Hinamatsuri Season Two? Hinamastu has been a fantastic anime series thus far so there are high expectations for its upcoming sequel!

Hitomi and Anzu

Their relationship as a duo has been very entertaining to watch, but what about their individual friends? Hitomi and Anzu have had some development up until this point. It is great because they both have such unique personalities! I’m not sure if we’ll get any more from them in Hinamatsuri season two though. There’s always next time, right? A new housekeeper will also be needed. So who knows who it might be!? Maybe Yoshifumi can find someone hot to help him out with his work around the mansion. That would make for an interesting dynamic going forward, wouldn’t it? At any rate, fans everywhere are waiting for Hinamatsuri season two with bated breath. As it’s an anticipated sequel!

Hina Matsuri Season Two Release Date? There is currently no hinamatsuri season 2 release date, but it will be coming out sometime in 2019! The first episode of the anime aired back on January 11th. So, we have a long wait ahead of us. Anime fans are always very excited. Also when sequels to their favorite shows come up. So I’m sure many people are looking forward to this one too! What do you think about Hinamatsuri getting another season? Are you as hyped as I am or not interested at all? Let me know what your thoughts are down below if you’d like and I’ll see you next time!


In this blog post, we have discussed what to expect from Hinamatsuri season 2 and its release date. Furthermore, we mention how well the series has been so far. And why people should watch it if they have not already done so. The end of the article asks readers for their thoughts on an anime sequel coming out soon. It is always interesting to read other opinions on different topics related to anime shows or movies!

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